Friday, July 1, 2011

~happy 4th of july & happy birthday to ME!!~

~Why This Birthday Has Been The Best In Years!!~

starting the day with a Hello Kitty balloon bouquet was definitely a PLUS++....

but this year it's the FOOD that i'm SO stoked about!! :DD
starting with the bruschetta...which was ah~mazing..

then it was time for my main course to shine....AND it DID!
thanks to an employee who highly recommended the "Ginger Chikun...w/Brown Rice & Brocolli" was DEFINITELY right on when she said this was incredibly delicious!! 
*sorry about the half eaten pic, i was obviously EAGER to dig in!*

the flavors were so satisfying to my palate! the "chikun" tasted & had the same texture as real chicken! rice and salad were also very pleasing to the taste buds :DD

BUT the BEST part of the day had to be my first birthday cake in YEARS! thanks to an awesome raw vegan pastry chef ~ i had a RAW VEGAN VANILLA "CHEESE" cake made! 
...check it out~~~~~ *heaven* now that i've had to stare at the pic of my "cheese"cake i must have another slice!....but before i run check out my white iPhone 4 case that i'm working on :DD ~~